This post is part of a blogpost series where I respond to career-related questions sent to my anonymous question box, as part of an initiative I announced on linkedin.

Sharon's profile photo with a small subtitle "ask sharon" and a main title "what are you wondering?". There is a large question mark graphic to evoke curiosity and confusion. A few topical suggestions are provided: career, diversity, remote, tech, inclusion, jobs, operations.

hello! I'm trying something new :)

I've opened up a question box for anonymous questions, which I'll answer on LinkedIn in post or article format.

send me a question here 👉 survey form

why am I doing this? I hope to see more people reaching out and asking questions as they navigate their careers and industries. It can be a stressful and lonely experience.

so I'd like to see if an anonymous question box can be a low-barrier place for people to reach out and help get some questions answered!

some broad categories that your questions could fall under:

  • #career
  • #diversityandinclusion
  • #remotework
  • #tech
  • #operations

keep an eye on ask-sharon for my responses!